We are active in these countries


Piefkes and Ösis...

sometimes get along with each other. When cooperating with a large logistics company from Austria, we use Scada-HMI software.


To the east...

we flash control units and our MES system should not be missing. Our products are used at various locations in the automotive industry.

Czech Republic

Central location...

for us for flashing control units. And with our MES system, we are also right in the middle of the production process in the automotive industry.


Home game - Our entire range, products and services are used in Germany.

MES System
Our MES system has been used for more than 20 years in several plants of various large automotive groups.

Control units
Similarly, we are established for flashing control units in the automotive industry.

Warehouse logistics
We support warehouse logistics in the automotive and food industries.

PLC programming
We program customized solutions for the medical, food, logistics and automotive industries.

Process automation / process control system
We have been supporting mining for more than 20 years with our individual and customer-oriented solution for process automation and process control systems.


It's getting hot - in southern Europe.

To keep it that way, we support the production of new engines with our MES System.

Great Britain

"Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?"

Well, well, well - we can't answer that question, but we'll make sure the software migrates into the control unit.


Puszta, paprika, schnitzel

In Hungary you can do more - the production of gearboxes is kept going with the help of our MES system.


We don't build Ferraris yet...

but with our MES system we are active for machine builders as well as for the automotive industry.


All cheese?

Of course not, because with our conveyor technology and warehouse management, the air freight system runs like clockwork.


Order and Cleanliness...

prevails not only in the city. The air freight system also works cleanly and neatly with our conveyor technology and warehouse management.


Another location in the heart of Europe...

that relies on our skills and expertise. Our MES system is used in the automotive industry.


The land of unlimited possibilities...

opens up horizons for us too. In addition to the automotive industry, we are also active in the air freight sector and in flashing control units.